From Russia with Dance - Gzhel

The most popular dance theatre in Russia is without a doubt Gzhel. Gzhel on tour in Finland 2017: 17th Oct Helsinki, 18th Oct Turku, 19th Oct Tampere, 20th Oct Kuopio, 22th Oct Oulu.

The most popular dance theatre in Russia is without a doubt Gzhel. The whole world was amazed by their breathtaking performance at the opening of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in 2014. The Dance Theatre does have a long-standing reputation as a dance company actively touring all over the world. The Finland-Russia Society has the pleasure of presenting their tour in Finland October 2017 when Gzhel will perform in 5 Finnish cities.

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From Russia with Dance - tour

17th Oct at 7 pm Helsinki Hall of Culture (Kulttuuritalo)
18th Oct at 7:30 pm Turku Concert Hall (Turun Konserttitalo)
19th Oct at 7 pm, Tampere Hall, (Tampere-talo)
20th Oct at 7 pm, Kuopio Music Centre (Kuopion Musiikkikeskus)
22th Oct at 4 pm Oulu, Madetoja Concert Hall (Madetojan sali)

Ticket prices: 35 € Finland-Russia Society member / 40 € adult / 38 € pensioner or with S-bonus-card / 25-30 € child and student + service fee

Helsinki Hall of Culture Ticketmaster 0600 10 800 (1,98 €/min+standard network rate)
Turku Concert Hall Lippupiste  0600 900 900 (1,98 €/min+standard network rate)
Tampere Hall Lippupiste  0600 900 900 (1,98 €/min+standard network rate)
Kuopio Music Centre Lippupiste 0600 900 900 (1,98 €/min+standard network rate), 
Oulu, Madetoja Concert Hall Ticketmaster, 0600 10 800 (1,98€/min+standard network rate)

More information

In Russian, the name Gzhel also refers to a Russian style of ceramics which takes its name from the village of Gzhel and surrounding area situated in Moscow Oblast. The ceramics has been produced there since 1802. This type of ceramics can also be found in many Finnish homes.

The Moscow State Dance Academic Theatre Gzhel was founded in 1988 by the People's Artist of Russia, Professor Vladimir Zakharov. The Gzhel ceramics production celebrated its 650 years’ anniversary that year. It can be said that the level of work of the Dance Theatre Gzhel has been at least as ambitious as the Gzhel potters since then. It is no surprise that in 1993 the Dance Theatre was awarded the name State Dance Theatre and in 1999 State Dance Academic Theatre.

The Professor and Artistic Direktor Zakharov has actively and profoundly collected information about different ethnic groups living in Russia, about their cultures and traditions. This is exactly the multicultural message the dance company conveys through their various dances and costumes. Moreover, the group also performs traditional European dances in their concerts.

The dance company also hosts a dance school for young and aspiring dancers in Russia. Naturally the most talented dancers are only accepted to attend the school and the students come from different regions all over Russia. This is how the company is able to maintain their extremely high level of dance and art.

Gzhel has visited Finland once before by performing at the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in 2007, where the audience greeted them with standing ovations. So this is what will be in store for the Finnish Tour of October 2017 as well, along with an abundance of colourful costumes and lots of sparkle. Come and share this truly unique dance performance with us and gasp at the talent of 50 professional dancers performing at the tour!